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Safety Drives B&H Heavy Haul

At B&H Heavy Haul, we understand that our employees are our most valuable asset and key contributors to our growth and success. That’s why we are committed to identifying and mitigating risks that may lead to accidents in the workplace, on the road, and in the communities we operate in.

We value our workers not only as employees but also as individuals who play a crucial role in their families, local communities, and in our company. Our B&H Fleet Safety Program is designed to eliminate unnecessary injuries and potential fatalities by addressing factors that are within our control.

To achieve our goal of zero incidents, our B&H Fleet Safety Division has implemented a Safety Management Plan with key components that serve as our guiding compass for fleet safety. These components include qualifications and hiring, monitoring and tracking, policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, and meaningful action. We measure these components to identify industry trends and support preventive practices for continuous improvement.

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Safety Core Components

Recruitment & Job Requirements


Monitoring & Tracking

Preventive Maintenance

Steps We Take to Ensure Safety on Every Load We Haul

Every load is backed by a team of dedicated professionals who takes extra measures to keep our customer’s assets and the public safe.

We focus on hiring experienced qualified drivers. A minimum of 3 years in the Heavy Haul industry is preferred and a background check, past employment verification, review of MVR and a negative drug screen are required. Drivers must be able to physically perform their duties which encompass a valid Class A CDL and passing a DOT physical exam. Other duties include safe driving, load securement practices, loading and unloading equipment, and following all FMCSA regulations in the jurisdictions they travel through.

We utilize a video training platform that reaches all our drivers on a bi-weekly basis and require 100% test scores. We also utilize bi-weekly tool box talks, DOT regulatory updates and quarterly safety meetings to keep our drivers informed and educated.

We have a system in place that enables us to monitor and track our driver’s safety performance in regard to policies and procedures. By utilizing state of the art telemetric and real time data capturing, we can assess driver performance and proactively apply meaningful action.

Our maintenance department consists of personnel with over 90 years of diesel and tractor trailer experience keep our fleet in compliance with FMCSA Part 396 which supports the safe operation of B&H’s fleet. Documenting all scheduled and unscheduled preventive maintenance is critical to the safe operation of our fleet while traveling on America’s roadways.