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About B&H Heavy Haul

The B&H Heavy Haul Advantage

B&H Heavy Haul is a trusted asset-based trucking company specializing in the transportation of heavy equipment, machines, and large loads for the construction industry. Our customer base includes heavy equipment manufacturers, distributors, rental & auction companies, and contractors. We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers, as reflected in our mission and core values. With a strong focus on utilizing our company resources, including experienced drivers, fleet management, technology, a fleet safety division, and a fleet maintenance division, we strive to be industry leaders in heavy haul transportation. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality heavy hauling service that understands and addresses the unique challenges of the industry, such as project mobilization and meeting promised delivery times to customers.

Our Vision

To lead the heavy haul industry by building strong customer relationships and delivering the distinct advantage of B&H Heavy Haul.

Our Mission

To deliver high-quality and reliable hauling solutions to our customers at competitive prices.


From Wrecker Service to Heavy Haul

In 1984, friends James Bullard and Chris Hornibrook founded B&H Wrecker with a vision and just two trucks, operating as a wrecker service in Covington, Georgia.

In 2009, B&H expanded into freight hauling with the purchase of its first 48′ flatbed trailer, and continued to grow from 2009 to 2017 as a wrecker and transportation company.

In 2017, B&H Wrecker was acquired by Josh Evans, and by 2018, B&H transitioned into heavy haul, specializing in transporting heavy equipment and machinery. This marked the birth of B&H Heavy Haul.

Over the past 39 years, B&H has grown from its humble beginnings to a company with over 21 drivers, 31 trucks, and a dedicated operations support team. Despite the growth, B&H remains committed to its long-standing history and the vision of its founders, prioritizing employees, and clients alike. Today, B&H Heavy Haul operates throughout the United States, serving a diverse roster of clients, and delivering the B&H HEAVY HAUL ADVANTAGE on every haul

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Our Team

Who Makes Our Company What It Is

Meet the faces behind every heavy load transport.

B&H Heavy Haul Trucking About Us

Josh Evans

Owner & CEO

Bo_Stidham_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

Bo Stidham

Chief Operations Officer

Tiffanie_Henderson_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

Tiffanie Henderson

Operations Manager

B&H Heavy Haul Trucking Drivers


450+ years of combined experience

Jim_Hickey_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

Jim Hickey

Director of Safety

Kevin_Cope_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

Kevin Cope

Director of Fleet Maintenance

James_Hickey_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

James Hickey

Sales & Business Development

Cassidy_Henderson_B&H Heavy Haul Trucking

Cassidy Henderson

Brokerage Services & Office Administration

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Our Core Values





Asset-based Heavy Haul Transport

Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

Trust the heavy haul professionals. B&H Heavy Haul is ready to take on your hauling needs.