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Transporting your heavy equipment with industry-leading safety since 1984.

We specialize in transporting heavy equipment, machinery, and other oversized loads with the safety of our customers’ assets in mind, topped with high-quality customer service across the United States.

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Why Choose B&H Heavy Haul

B&H Heavy Haul is a Georgia asset-based trucking company that specializes in hauling equipment, machines, and other large loads. We transport legal and oversize loads utilizing tandem to 13 axle set-ups ranging from rollback to RGN trailers. We handle all required permits and escorts and provide customer service throughout the entire transport process. Here are some of the advantages of using B&H Heavy Haul:

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Safe. Efficient. Reliable.


We rely on resources that are comprised of experienced drivers, management, technology, safety and maintenance to achieve our customer’s hauling needs.

Experienced Drivers

B&H Heavy Haul’s team of skilled and experience drivers have 450+ years of combined hauling experience. This experience adds extreme value supporting our customers by providing safe, efficient, and reliable transport of their assets. Our drivers can assist with the loading/off-loading process and any required rigging.

Management and Technology

B&H Heavy Haul’s operations management team provides quality service to customers by utilizing industry knowledge, working experience, and fleet management software. We strive to give our customers visibility, peace of mind, and efficiency with every haul. We handle all required permits, escorts, and dispatching. Our fleet management software provides our team with load visibility, data and efficiency.

Fleet Safety

B&H Heavy Hauls’ safety division is committed to identifying and minimizing risks that contribute to accidents in the workplace, on the roadway system, and within the communities we travel through. The Safety division deploys weekly tool box talks and bi-weekly video training to our driver team. We also monitor DOT compliance, load securement practices, and have implemented a fleet safety manual to keep our drivers safe. These measures all contribute to keeping our customer’s assets, our drivers, and the public, safe.

Fleet Maintenance

B&H Heavy Haul’s fleet maintenance division ensures the fleet of heavy haul units are always in top running order by following established fleet maintenance procedures. We recognize that maintaining a compliant fleet enhances safety and ensures customer satisfaction by reducing breakdowns that can affect promised delivery times. Our full-time mechanics are DOT certified in all aspects of commercial motor vehicle repair and maintenance. We perform preventive maintenance and employ emergency repair protocols to expedite roadside repairs minimizing downtime that can affect delivery times.

Our Core Values